Disability Awareness Training

Disability awareness

As well as our wheelchair mobility training for young wheelchair users, we also run wheelchair awareness training sessions in schools and colleges. We do make a charge for these services.

We run training sessions for staff and non disabled pupils, giving them a greater insight into the challenges faced by young wheelchair users.

The training sessions are very much practical with participants learning about wheelchair sports and games as well as experiencing key mobility skills such as back wheel balancing.

We also cover how to assist wheelchair-users who cannot self-propel. We provide a range of active user/sports wheelchairs for the workshop.

Our aim is to raise awareness and promote a positive image of young wheelchair users. 

How does our training fit into the national curriculum?

We work with a range of year groups and adapt training sessions to suit each Key Stage.

•Our training fits in with PHSE studies or we can run it as part of a PE class focussing
more on wheelchair sports.

•We aim to increase the knowledge and understanding of what being disabled means.

•We can provide follow on work appropriate to the key stage. 

For more information on our awareness courses contact roy@go-kids-go.org.uk   


Group sizes and sessions

Group sizes can vary, although generally groups of about fifteen pupils is most practical. We can however work with class groups of around 20 (this will involve turn taking for some activities).

Session lengths can vary - we can run a comprehensive 3hr session or sessions of 1 to 1½ hrs.

We can adapt our training sessions to fit in with the constraints of the school timetable. In the past we have always received very positive feedback from staff and pupils alike.

We make awareness courses fun for all who take part.    We can also run wheelchair sports taster sessions; our training team has 2 staff members who are level 2 wheelchair basketball coaches. 

Staff Inset Training

Staff are welcome to participate on our awareness courses, but we also run training for staff during INSET training days.

These courses again focus on practical wheelchair skills, as well as looking at inclusion and working with young wheelchair-users.

The courses are also a refreshing change from some of the more traditional INSET days and are great for team building. We do make a charge for these sessions.