Training for Professionals 

Training for Professionals

Go Kids Go have been providing training to training for professionals for over 30 years, giving health care and education professionals the chance to learn wheelchair skills and gain first-hand experience of using a wheelchair.

Our unique training involves learning practical wheelchair skills and is suitable for various professionals working in areas such as;

• Wheelchair Service Managers/Staff
• Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists
• Youth leaders
• Sports development workers
• Teachers and education support staff

In addition Go Kids Go provide workshops for health care students in universities across the UK.


Course aims

The purpose of this course is to give the practitioner a chance to experience some of the challenges faced by wheelchair-using clients and to practise wheelchair skills techniques for overcoming these challenges. 

There will be a strong focus on how to teach these techniques to younger clients and how wheelchair games, sports and dance can help to encourage independent mobility.

Please note that this is a practical course and that a reasonable level of fitness is required for some elements. Although we provide training for young wheelchair-users for free, we do make a charge for our training for professionals. The workshops can be graded or adapted to suit individual team needs, the focus can be on sport, practical skills or wheelchair set up dependant on the needs of group.

The workshop can be provided as half day workshop or more in-depth full day workshop as required. As much as the workshops aims to educate, it also good fun and great for team building. If you would like any more information please contact the Go Kids Go team.   

Learning Outcomes

• Recognising the key differences of various types of wheelchairs
   (for example; rigid frame vs folding frame)

• Recognising how the setup of a wheelchair impacts on the user's experience

• Understand back-wheel balancing techniques

• Be able to demonstrate techniques for ascending and descending Kerbs in a      wheelchair

• Be able to demonstrate techniques for managing slopes and ramps in a          

• Awareness of emergency evacuation techniques and equipment